What is crowd marketing?

Crowd marketing is an unobtrusive online promotion that helps to increase brand awareness and improve the brand’s reputation in the eyes of the target audience. Plus, by using crowd marketing in your website promotion strategy, you build a natural link profile that looks more attractive and trustworthy to search engines.

How does Themention work?

1. First of all, study the project / customer site.

One of the biggest problems of crowd-marketing companies – it is not knowledge of the product, service and customer benefits of the site. Therefore, before starting work we are looking for competitive advantages, exclusive opportunities, some kind of informational source in order to use all this information in the texts of comments and convey it to the target audience.

2. We search for relevant sites and discussions.

We search manually for certain keywords using the Google search engine.

Note: The customer can provide us with his list of keywords to search for sites, but this does not mean that we will use only these keywords. This list can be partially used.

Site selection criteria:

3. Register the profile on the site (if necessary).

We register the user profiles so that they looked like natural:

4. We write a natural comment with a link or mention of the customer’s brand name.

Our crowd marketer manually writes a unique comment text in a discussion / topic, which will be used only once.

Each comment is unique and not repeated.

5. Moderating comments.

Published comments are moderated by our employees for compliance with:

Only then comments are transferred to your report.

What are the guarantees that the link is not removed?

As such, there is no guarantee and no one can provide it. Links can be removed for a variety of reasons, the topic of the discussion can be removed or the link removed from the comment (many sites negatively treat any links by default).

We guarantee to replace missing links free of charge within 2 months after placement.

Why are Themention.net links called natural?

Our links can be safely called natural, because they are located:

About Brand Mention service

Brand mention is the placement of recommendation comments on forums, blogs, q/a services with a mention of the brand name or inactive links.

To go to the customer’s site, the user needs to copy the url of the inactive link and paste it into the address bar, or find the site manually by brand name.


About Mention with an active link service

Mention of a brand with an active link is the placement of recommendation comments on forums, blogs, q/a services. At the same time in the texts of comments there will be active links (hyperlinks) to your site.


About Links for seo optimizers service

Links for SEO optimizers – posting recommendation comments with active links, but only on websites that meet the following criteria:

*This service is not available for the regions of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus

In what form the progress report will be given?

The progress report is provided to the customer in the form of a Google spreadsheet.

We open access to the report, where the customer can get:

How long will the links be posted?

It all depends on the complexity of the topic and the volume of the order. Terms are defined individually for each task.

Recommended periods for each packages:

How to make an order?

To place an order on themention.net you need:

  1. Make a request here;
  2. Our manager will contact you;
  3. The manager will issue the technical assignment by your project;
  4. Make an advance payment of 50% of the total order amount;
  5. Check the progress report;
  6. You pay the remaining 50%.

How to pay for services?

You can pay for our services using:

The number of links from one site

When placing an order, you have the opportunity to choose the number of comments from one site, it can be 3, 2 and 1 comment.

Please note that this option affects the cost of a crowd marketing campaign.

Post types

When placing an order, you have the opportunity to choose the types of posts, where each one with its own unique subtext and writing style. With this function, we can make each post absolutely unique and not like other posts. This way you can customize your crowd marketing campaign in even more detail.

1. Success story

A description of successful purchase history or interaction with the customer’s site.

This post type consists of 3 parts:


About a year ago I needed to fly to a girl in Milan, but there was not so much money in my pocket. I thought that there should be cheap flights, but I could not find anything like that. Then my sister took off the link to the site where you can find the cheapest flights. In Milan there was still not enough money, but I saved on tickets!

2. Review story

Descriptions of work / cooperation with the client. Emphasis on the strengths of the client’s site.


I tried different services, but I stopped there. I was pleased with the high-quality and efficient support. Much better in speed than competitors. The only thing I would like to see is some kind of discount system.

3. Clear solution

Study of the user’s problem / question and a clear, specific answer. For more details we insert a link to the client’s site.


To make your own website, you need to buy hosting and a domain name (maybe even get it for free with a promotion). Next, the ideal solution would be to install a CMS. WordPress, Joomla or others that you understand best. You can read how to install CMS and work with them here.

4. Simple passer

This type implies a short and very clear answer. Without water and only on business.


I registered on this affiliate program, immediately got an approval, started to drain the traffic, I’m quite happy with the profit.

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